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Mount Superior
Mount Superior
Summit Elevation 11,050
Summit Location 40.5922° / -111.6670°
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Mount Superior is across the road from the Snowbird ski area. Superior stands above world-renown skiing, including Room of Doom in Mineral Fork, the Cardiac Chutes and Cardiac Bowl in Cardiff Fork, and the South Face in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Getting to Superior

The classic, and safer, route to the summit of Superior is to follow the route to Cardiff Pass from the Central Alta trailhead. From Cardiff Pass, traverse the ridge westward over Cardiff Peak and Little Superior to the summit of Mount Superior.

Another option is to follow the route to Little Superior as described above, ski to the middle of Cardiac Bowl, and then skin up Cardiac Bowl (either up the Cardiac Chutes, or better yet, up the chute that is just east of the Cardiac Chutes).

A third option, the "mountaineering approach," is to skin, boot, and climb directly up the South Face of Superior itself. This approach is steep, rocky, and not for the faint of heart.

About the Name

Most people abbreviate Mount Superior to Superior. Easy enough. Now it gets confusing. This peak isn't labeled on USGS maps. Instead, the USGS maps call the peak that is about 0.2 mile west of Mount Superior, Superior Peak, although almost everyone in Utah calls that peak Monte Cristo. And if you aren't confused yet, Little Superior is the peak that is about 0.3 mile east of Mount Superior. So going from the west to the east, the peaks are named, Monte Cristo, Mount Superior, and Little Superior.

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