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Cardiac Bowl
Cardiac Bowl
Drainage Cardiff Fork
Terrain Open Bowl
Location 40.5950° / -111.6643°
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The north side of Mount Superior drops into Cardiff Fork via the two Cardiac Chutes which spill into Cardiac Bowl. The skiing is superb and the bowl is easy to access from Alta (and from helicopters). The result? Cardiac Bowl can get skied-out quickly. Don't despair. It's a huge bowl with many lines.

Cardiac Bowl is a long, clean line. If you start at the summit of Superior and ski to the bottom of the Powerline ridge, it's 2,000 vertical feet over 1.3 miles. Bitch'n.

Getting to Cardiac Bowl

To get to Cardiac Bowl, follow the route to Cardiff Pass from the Central Alta trailhead. Then traverse the ridge over Cardiff Peak and Little Superior (these are steep and will require booting). Optionally, you can go over Cardiff Peak, ski Power Outage, and then skin up Cardiac Bowl.

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