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Drainage Cardiff Fork
Terrain Rounded Ridge
Location 40.5987° / -111.6550°
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Powerline is the rounded subridge that starts near Cardiff Peak and divides upper Cardiff Fork into eastern and western halves. Skiing the Powerline ridge offers low angle skiing through open trees. You might also choose to ski Power Outage which starts at the top of Powerline.

A fun way to familiarize yourself with the Wasatch is to start at the Central Alta trailhead, go over Cardiff Pass, ski Powerline, and exit via the Cardiff Fork trailhead in Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Getting to Powerline

To get to Powerline, follow the route to Cardiff Pass from the Central Alta trailhead. Then traverse the ridge over Cardiff Peak (this is steep and may require booting) to Powerline.

About the name

Some people call this the "Intermediate Ridge," but it has been called Powerline for decades.