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Cardiff Pass
Cardiff Pass
Pass Elevation 10,020'
Pass Location 40.5960° / -111.6515°
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Cardiff Pass is a main through-point for tours in upper Cardiff Fork. The pass is frequently called Poleline Pass due to the power lines that run to the pass.

Getting to Cardiff Pass

Cardiff Pass from Central Alta Trailhead
Trailhead Central Alta Trailhead
Ascent Vertical 1,300'
Skinning Distance 1.0 miles
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Start at the Central Alta trailhead. The skin track starts at the prominent trail sign (don't pass this sign if the lights are blinking...) and heads west for a few hundred feet at which point it turns northwest toward Cardiff Pass. The track passes a gun tower and then stays within a few hundred feet of the power poles as it continues toward the pass. (The well-located poles have survived countless avalanches.) Along the way skin tracks branch off on the right to Flagstaff Mountain and Toledo Bowl. The slope steepens when you get close to the pass and the climbing can be a little challenging when the snow is icy.

This route crosses below significant avalanche terrain as indicated by the Utah Avalanche Center's "orange" designation.

It takes about an hour to get to Cardiff Pass from the Central Alta trailhead.

About the name

Cardiff Pass is also called Poleline Pass.

Don't confuse Cardiff Pass with Cardiac Pass. Cardiac Pass is between Cardiac Bowl and Mineral Fork.