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Toledo Bowl (et al.)
Toledo Bowl
Terrain Open Bowl
Location 40.5985° / -111.6453°
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Toledo Face
Terrain Open Face
Location 40.5982° / -111.6473°
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Toledo Chute
Terrain Open Chute
Location 40.5975° / -111.6478°
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Toledo Bowl, Toledo Face, and Toledo Chute are southwest of Flagstaff Mountain in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Holy Toledo is on the other side of Toledo "Pass" in Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Toledo Bowl is a little lower angle, Toledo Face is wide and mostly uniform, and Toledo Chute is steeper, but not nearly as chute-like as its name implies. (Although I skied these slopes, I calculated the slope angles in these info tables from a digital map. Please contact me if you measure them accurately.)

Getting to Toledo Bowl (et al.)

Toledo Runs from Central Alta
Trailhead Central Alta Trailhead
Ascent Vertical 1,600'
Skinning Distance 1.0 miles
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Start at the Central Alta trailhead. The skin track begins at the "Are you beeping?" trail sign and heads west for several hundred feet at which point it turns northwest toward Cardiff Pass. The track passes a gun tower and then stays within a few hundred feet of the power poles (the well-located poles have survived countless avalanches). Along the way a skin track normally splits off on the right to Flagstaff Mountain. A little further along a skin track splits from the Cardiff Pass trail and heads up Toledo Bowl. Take it.