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Cardiac Chutes
Cardiac Chutes
Drainage Cardiff Fork
Terrain Steep Chutes
Location 40. 40.5927° / -111.-111.6664°
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The Cardiac Chutes are two, huge, north-northeast-facing chutes that come off the top of Mount Superior in upper Cardiff Fork.

The chutes are about 300 feet long and spill into Cardiac Bowl. From the top of the Cardiac Chutes to the bottom of the Powerline ridge is one sweet 2,000-vertical foot run. To help put that size into perspective, click on the photo that is looking down the west Cardiac Chute and locate the skier in Cardiac Bowl.

The west-most chute starts at the very top of Superior. The east-most chute is slightly east of the summit and slightly shorter.

Cardiac Chutes
Looking Down the West Cardiac Chute
Overview of Upper Cardiff Fork

Getting to Cardiac Chutes

Follow the directions to the summit of Mount Superior.

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