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Little Water Peak
Little Water Peak
Summit Elevation 9,605'
Summit Location 40.6719° / -111.6277°
Trailhead Spruces Trailhead
Big Water Trailhead
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Little Water Peak is located east of Dog Lake on the ridgeline that separates Mill Creek Canyon from Big Cottonwood Canyon. It is at the top of Little Water Gulch.

The north side of Little Water Peak (as well as the north side of the ridge that runs between Dog Lake and Little Water Peak) offers several ski options in sheltered terrain, including Shangri-La, Walt's Trees, and No Water. The run on the northeast side of Little Water Peak is named Fire Water (aka Little Water). It is steeper and frequently windloaded. You can also ski the low-angle terrain on the south side of Little Water Peak into Big Cottonwood Canyon, although it is often sun-crusted.

Getting to Little Water Peak

From the Spruces Trailhead

Little Water Peak from Spruces Trailhead
Trailhead Spruces Trailhead
Trailhead Elevation 7,350'
Summit Elevation 9,605'
Total Vertical 2,300
Skinning Distance 3.0 miles

To reach Little Water Peak via Mill D North Fork in Big Cottonwood Canyon, park at the Spruces parking lot and follow the skin track to Dog Lake. The trail splits when it arrives at Dog Lake, with the left track going toward Reynolds Peak and the right track climbing the ridge to Peak 9401 and continuing on to Little Water Peak.

You can also get to Little Water Peak from Big Cottonwood Canyon by ascending the south face of Little Water Peak from Powder Park 1.

Mill D North Fork

From the Big Water Trailhead

Little Water Peak from Big Water Trailhead
Trailhead Big Water Trailhead
Trailhead Elevation 7,600'
Peak Elevation 9,605'
Total Vertical 2,000'
Skinning Distance 2.25 miles
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Follow the Mill Creek road from the Maple Grove trailhead to the Big Water parking lot. Head due south from the Big Water parking lot up Big Water Gulch to Dog Lake, and then follow the ridge east from Dog Lake to Little Water Peak. Optionally, you can head east from the Big Water parking lot for about ten minutes and then head south up Little Water Gulch. The route up Big Water Gulch is a little longer but it's more likely to have an existing skin track than Little Water Gulch.

(Remember that the mileages shown in the info tables for routes that start at the Big Water trailhead do not include the 4.5 miles and 1,500 vertical feet from the Maple Grove gate to the Big Water trailhead.)