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Drainage Little Water Gulch
Terrain Pines and Glades
Ridge Elevation 9,450'
Flats Elevation 8,800'
Typical Vertical 600'
Location 40.6722° / -111.6320°
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Shangri-La is moderate-angle terrain through clearings and trees. It begins on the ridge that runs between Dog Lake and Little Water Peak. Shangri-La is in Little Water Gulch in Mill Creek Canyon.

Getting to Shangri-La

Follow the directions to Dog Lake from the Spruces trailhead (or from Mill Creek if you are ambitious). From Dog Lake, head east up the ridge toward Little Water Peak. As you are ascending the ridge, you'll encounter a false summit (Peak 9401). Shangri-La is the area to your left after this false summit and before Little Water Peak.

You can descend the ridge near Peak 9401, enter the big clearing that is about halfway between 9401 and Little Water Peak to ski the pines, or ski through the aspens that are closer to Little Water Peak. There is often a skin track on the western edge of this drainage (near 9401) that you can use to put in a few laps.

Although most of Shangri-La is sub-30°, there was a serious avalanche accident near the trees on the western edge of Shangri-La.

About the name

Some early editions of the Wasatch Backcountry Map incorrectly called this area Little Water Tree. The correct name, Shangri-La, has been used since the 1980s (although by a relatively small number of people). Many people simply call all of the runs that come off of Little Water Peak, Little Water.