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Guardsman Pass
Guardsman Pass
Pass Elevation 9,700'
Pass Location 40.6067° / -111.5550°
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Guardsman Pass is on the road between Brighton and Park City. The road is closed during the winter at the Guardsman Winter Gate. When the snow is extremely thin or if you're looking for a quick workout, skinning to the pass and skiing back down the road (or the south facing slopes depending on conditions) is a good choice. If you are only planning to ski to the pass, you might as well take an extra 10 minutes and ski to the summit of Tri-County Peak.

From Guardsman Pass you can also access 10420 Northeast Bowl, 10420 (the false peak), and Promise Land, although all of these are easier to reach via the Brighton Hill route.

Looking Northeast at the route to Guardsman Pass
Looking Southeast at the route to Guardsman Pass
Guardsman Pass Amenities

Getting to Guardsman Pass

Guardsman Pass from Guardsman
Trailhead Guardsman Trailhead
Skinning Vertical 800'
Skinning Distance 2.25 miles
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Park at the Guardsman Winter Gate. Put on your skis just past the gate and head up the road. It takes about an hour to get to the Pass.

Although fairly rare, avalanches do occasionally occur above the road just before it reaches Guardsman Pass.

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