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Tri-County Peak
Tri-County Peak
Summit Elevation 10,026'
Summit Location 40.6094° / -111.5531°
Trailhead Guardsman Pass
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Tri-County Peak is a small summit with a weather station near Guardsman Pass. It isn't much of a destination (and it is very close to Jupiter Chairlift), but if you go to Guardsman Pass you might as well "summit" Tri-County Peak.

Tri-County Peak
Guardsman Overview

When the snowpack is very thin (which might be why you skied to Guardsman Pass), you may want to ski back down the road. However, when conditions are better or if there is corn snow, you can squeak out a few turns by along the south-facing slopes and then ski down the road.

Tri-County Peak
Trailhead Guardsman Winter Gate
Trailhead Elevation 8,900'
Summit Elevation 10,026'
Total Vertical 1,100'
Skinning Distance 2.5 miles
Ending GPS 40.6094° / -111.5531°
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Getting to Tri-County Peak

Park at the Guardsman Winter Gate trailhead and skin up the snow covered road to Guardsman Pass. That will probably take a little over an hour. From the pass, head due north for another ~15 minutes to the summit of the small hill.

About the name

Salt Lake, Summit, and Wasatch County all meet at the summit of this small hill, hence the name Tri-County Peak.

The Park City Mountain Resort trailmaps have erroniously referred to Tri-County Peak as Jupiter Bowl (on the 2012 trail map) and Jupiter Peak (on the 2021 trail map). The 2021 trail map also transposed the elevations of Tri-County Peak and Jupiter Hill.

Jupiter Hill is the summit that is northeast of Tri-County Peak, at an elevation of 9,998'. Jupiter Hill is frequently called Jupiter Peak.