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Peak 10009
Peak 10009 from Solitude Entry #1
Trailhead Solitude Entry #1
Trailhead Elevation 8,080'
Summit Elevation 10,009'
Total Vertical 1,900'
Skinning Distance 2.0 miles
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Peak "one-triple-oh-nine" overlooks the West Monitor on the ridge that separates Salt Lake County from Summit County. The peak itself is usually wind-scoured and a little rocky, but the view is superb. Peak 10009 is a scenic vantage point before skiing the West Monitor or Will's Hill. (See an overview of Willow Fork.)

Do be very wary of cornices that can overhang the Monitors into Summit County.

Getting to Peak 10009

Follow these instructions to get to Willow Fork drainage. Continue into the evergreens that are mentioned at the "split" in those instructions. This main track contours into the Willow Fork drainage and deposits you in a meadow where it often splits. The right branch heads up the Main Willow drainage while the left branch continues straight ahead and climbs the ridge that separates from Main Willow and arrives at Peak 10009. It takes about an hour to go from Solitude to Peak 10009.

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