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Main Willow
Main Willow
Drainage Willow Fork
Terrain Trees and Glades
Ridge Elevation 10,000'
Flats Elevation 8,900'
Typical Vertical 1,100'
Location 40.6350°, -111.5820°
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Main Willow is the slope that is on your right as you're skinning up the ridge toward Peak 10009 (see an overview of Willow Fork). It offers good low-angle beginner terrain and is a solid choice when the avalanche hazard is higher.

The skier's right side of Main Willow is a bit more open and is sometimes called Hourglass, because the terrain narrows through several clumps of aspen trees. There is also a good opening through the trees skier's left in Main Willow. The trees are a bit tight in the center section.

Most of the terrain in Main Willow ranges between 20° and 30°. After putting in a lap or two in Willow Fork, head back out the skin track to your car. The return trail is narrow and may test your snowplowing quads. If you're returning to the lower Solitude lot, don't depart from the skin track too soon or you'll end up down-canyon of the parking lot.

Getting to Main Willow

Main Willow from Solitude Entry #1
Trailhead Solitude Entry #1
Ascent Elevation 2,000'
Skinning Distance 2.0 miles

Follow these instructions to get to Willow Fork drainage. Continue into the evergreens that are mentioned at the "split" in those instructions (you'd turn right here if you wanted to go up the East Willow Ridgeline).

Once you're in Willow Fork, follow the ridge to the top of Peak 10009. It takes about an hour to go from Solitude to Peak 10009.