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Solitude Entry #1
Solitude Entry #1
Trailhead Elevation 8,080'
Trailhead Location 40.6248 / -111.5998°
Road Mileage 12.1 miles
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Solitude's two parking lots are now restricted to Solitude's guests (they even charge their guests for parking). Unless the resort is closed, you'll need to park on the street (being careful that your car is clear of the white line and doesn't impede traffic or snow removal). Parking on the road has become very difficult now that Solitude charges their guests (it seems to me that a for-profit company like Solitude should provide parking or bus service for their customers rather than using a public road as an extension of their parking lot).

The lower Solitude parking lot is located on the right side of the Big Cottonwood Canyon road approximately 12.1 miles past the digital sign (and 1.0 mile past the Silver Fork Lodge). Parking near the lower lot is convenient when accessing runs in Honeycomb Canyon (when the ski area isn't open), Silver Fork, Willow Fork, and USA Bowl.

Parking near Solitude's Entry #2 (0.3 mile up the road) is an option for Willow Fork, and USA Bowl.