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West Monitor
West Monitor
Drainage West Monitor Flat
Terrain Open Bowl
Location 40.6401° / -111.5752°
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Read the spiel about the Monitors on the South Monitor page. That page says it all, except that the West Monitor is a little steeper, a little longer, and a little more prone to avalanches than the South Monitor.

Getting to West Monitor

The direct route to the West Monitor is to go to Peak 10009 from Solitude or to traverse from Park City's 9990 chairlift (Park City doesn't allow you to access the backcountry from the more convenient Day Break chairlift). Optionally, you can follow the directions to the top of the South Monitor and traverse the ridge to the West Monitor

About the Name

The name West Monitor is not intuitive, because it is almost due north of the South Monitor. If you named them while looking at a map, they'd be the North and South Monitors. (Click on the map shown here to see the relative positions of the Monitors.)

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