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South Monitor
South Monitor
Drainage West Monitor Flat
Terrain Open Bowl
Location 40.6337° / -111.5735°
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The South Monitor and West Monitor are northeast-facing bowls (the West Monitor faces a little more to the east and the South Monitor faces a little more to the north). Although they are in Summit County, they are much easier to access from Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Due to their high elevation and northerly aspect, the Monitors often have dry, cold snow that hasn't been affected by the sun. And they're steep, with long sustained slopes that are close to 40°. And they're big—it's more than 4,000 feet between the outer flanks of the two bowls.

Big, steep and good snow? That sounds like fun! And they are, but the elevation, the pitch, and the northeastern aspect (which contributes to cornices and windloading) make them quite prone to avalanches.

Getting to the South Monitor

South Monitor from Willow Fork

Follow the directions to Willow Knob from Solitude Entry #1 or #2. When you get to the usually scoured Willow Knob, continue up the East Willow Ridge to the Park City ridgeline. You'll end up on the ridge above the South Monitor as shown in the above photo.

South Monitor from USA Bowl

Follow the directions to USA Bowl from Solitude. Aim for the Pacific Northwest as you ascend the good ol' USA and you'll arrive at the top of the South Monitor.

About the Name

The name West Monitor is not intuitive, because it is almost due north of the South Monitor. If you named them while looking at a map, they'd be the North and South Monitors. (Click on the map shown here to see the relative positions of the Monitors.)

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