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Mount Raymond
Mount Raymond
Summit Elevation 10,241'
Summit Location 40.6585° / -111.7021°
Trailhead Butler Fork Trailhead
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At 10,241 feet, Mount Raymond is the big bad mountain that is in your face when driving down Big Cottonwood Canyon. Its easterly neighbor, Gobbler's Knob, is actually five feet taller, but Gobbler's isn't nearly as noticeable from the road.

The summit of Mount Raymond is formed by three drainages: Porter Fork to the north (in Mill Creek Canyon), Elbow Fork to the southwest, and Mill A Gulch to the east. The big bowl on the eastern side of Raymond, at the head of Mill A Gulch, is called Mill A Basin.

Main Chute (Mt. Raymond)

Raymond Main Chute
Drainage Mill A Gulch
Terrain Chute
Summit Elevation 10,241'
Typical Vertical 1,000'
Location 40.6585° / -111.7016°
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The east face of Mount Raymond contains several moderately-steep chutes that descend from the summit into Mill A Basin. The Main Chute, and probably the other chutes, is on smooth rock which is likely susceptible to glide avalanches during a thaw.

It's a fairly long hike into Mount Raymond and if you're going to ski it, you might considering a couple of the chutes. If you're ambitious and came in from Butler Fork, you can also squeeze in a run on Circle All Peak as you are heading back to the trailhead.

Getting to Mount Raymond

As shown in this next photo, follow the directions to Baker Pass from the Butler Fork trailhead. You can go all the way to Baker Pass and then head up the ridge to Mount Raymond, but it's usually quicker to zigzag up the slope that is west of the pass (as shown in the photo, below).

From the ridge you can skin almost all of the way to the summit, but as you near the summit the ridge gets steeper and you'll need to boot the final 500 or so feet.

About the name

On the 1955 USGS map, Mount Raymond was labeled "Mill A Basin Peak." Beginning with the 1961 map, the peak has been labeled Mount Raymond.

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