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Mountain Preservation

Alta Ski Area wants to expand into Grizzly Gulch, go up Flagstaff Mountain, and build a tram to Mount Baldy. Snowbird has their eye on White Pine Fork, Mount Superior, and American Fork. Brighton recently purchased Hidden Canyon. Solitude has tried to expand into Silver Fork. And last but not least, Park City tried to install a gondola into Big Cottonwood Canyon.

The Utah legislators, many of whom have never visited these pristine locations, passed a bill encouraging the ski areas to interconnect. They don't seem to understand that Utah's long-term economic viability comes from protecting, not exploiting, our unique landscape.

If you treasure the recreational opportunities in the Wasatch mountains and believe that the mountains are major part of what makes Utah such a wonderful place to live, please commit to contacting the media and your elected representatives every time proposals like these surface. It will take your diligence and deep commitment to protect these mountains for future generations.

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