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Improve the Wasatch Backcountry Skiing Guide

Come on, folks! This website contains 832 files and 1,785 links—I need your help! The following prioritized list explains some of the ways that you can help improve the site.

1. Photographs

Photographs that show the same area as any of the Google Earth images on this site are a huge help! Many of these will need to be taken from a distant ridge (or from the sky—do you own an airplane or drone?). Photos that give an overview of a run or an entire drainage are also very helpful. Good snow cover, blue skies, timing the photo to minimize shadows, using a dedicated camera (and not using its digital zoom) are preferred, but not required. If I use your photograph, I'll add descriptive labels and a notice giving you credit.

2. Clarifications

Words that clarify existing text will improve the website for everyone. For example, saying, "... after approximately five minutes, cross the creek and then head up the subridge on your right ..." is a big improvement over "... head up the subridge on your right ..."

Likewise, saying where skin tracks typically start, that there is a steep gully, that the trees are aspens or pines and widely or closely spaced, etc are the type of details that make this website truly helpful.

3. Corrections

Let me know if something is incorrect. Maybe it's a waypoint location, an elevation or distance, the time it takes to get somewhere, or a slope angle. I have skied every location describe on this website, but that doesn't mean all of my data is correct.

Likewise, it is difficult to proofread my own writing. Please tell me about grammar or spelling errors, missing or duplicated words, or other typos. You will see my mistakes—I won't.

4. History

Can you provide background information on a location's name? For example, do you know who Brad's Line is named after or the history behind the name Over Easy? If you have information on any location names, please send me a note.

5. GPS Tracks

If you record a route using a GPS, please send me your kmz file. The files help me see the most popular skin tracks and runs. It is also helpful if you send accurate waypoints from summits, passes, and major landmarks.

Thank You!

Steve Achelis

Wasatch Backcountry Skiing
Guide Book