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West Pass (White Pine Fork)
West Pass from White Pine Trailhead
Pass Elevation 10,700'
Pass Location 40.5348° / -111.6743°
Trailhead White Pine trailhead
Vertical Ascent 3,000'
Skinning Distance 4.0 miles
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The head of White Pine Fork is split in half by Red Baldy. West Pass is on the west side of Red Baldy and East Pass is on the east. West Pass is a great destination and offers a spectacular view of White Pine Fork and American Fork. It will reinforce how fortunate we are to have undeveloped terrain like this in America. It's like the Alps, but with less development and fewer people. On your way out you can ski Glacier Bowl, or if you're really ambitious, ascend Red Baldy and ski it.

Getting to West Pass

Follow the directions into White Pine Fork from the White Pine trailhead. Continue up the main drainage, bearing slightly right (west) as you near Red Baldy (or you'll end up at the East Pass). Some people ascend near the base of Red Baldy while others skin up by White Pine Lake. Your choice.

Continue to work your way up the slope to the West Pass. Depending on the weather and time of year, the last few hundred feet can be a bit icy. It takes three or four hours to reach West Pass from the trailhead.