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Bury yellow snow.

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Glacier Bowl
Glacier Bowl
Drainage White Pine Fork
Terrain Rocky Roly Poly
Location 40.5351° / -111.6782°
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Glacier Bowl is located in upper White Pine Fork at the base of White Baldy. It is lower-angle terrain unless you ascend the Northeast Ramp above it. Due to the lack of trees, Glacier Bowl is often wind blown with sculpted snow and a few protruding rocks. It is an obvious, easy descent after visiting West Pass in White Pine Fork..

Depending on the line you choose when you ski Glacier Bowl, you may need to pole, side-step, or skin to get back up to the subridge next to the lake and continue your descent down White Pine Fork.

Anticipating Glacier Bowl
Leaving Nothing But Tracks

Getting to Glacier Bowl

Follow the directions to the West Pass from the White Pine trailhead.