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Brad's Line
Brad's Line
Drainage Silver Fork
Terrain Open
Location 40.6194° / -111.6262°
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Brad's Line is an easy-to-ski, close to the road, popular run that is fall-line from Peak 9699 in Silver Fork. You can ski Brad's Line, car-to-car, in under three hours.


Getting to Brad's Line

Brad's Line from Solitude Entry #1
Trailhead Solitude Entry #1
Ascent Vertical 1,000'
Skiing Vertical 1,300'
Skinning Distance 2.2 miles
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Brad's Line is on the skier's left edge of the Meadow Chutes.

Follow the directions into Silver Fork from Big Cottonwood Canyon. About 30 minutes after leaving your car (and about 0.4 mile past the last cabin), you'll come to the outhouse mention in the Silver Fork directions. A skin track usually leaves somewhere near here (often just before the outhouse) and climbs observer's right of Silver Spoon to Peak 9699. Brad's Line starts at Peak 9699.

About the name

Originally called Lucky Lynn's by the Powderbird guides, Brad's Line is a more popular name with backcountry riders.

Don't confuse Brad's Line with Brad's Run which is on the 10420 ridgeline.