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West Bowl (Silver Fork)
West Bowl
Drainage Silver Fork
Terrain Open Bowl
Upper Elevation 10,250'
Skiing Vertical 750'
Location 40.6010° / -111.6314°
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Davenport Hill sits at the top of the Silver Fork drainage and divides Silver Fork into the East Bowl and West Bowl. West Bowl offers sweet skiing that is less than an hour from your car. The main slope averages ~32°, but there are rollovers that near 36°. The up track, which is visible in the photo, ascends a subtle ridge on the looker's right side of the bowl.

As shown in the picture, below, the southern side of West Bowl off of Emma Ridge (aka Silver Fork Headwall) frequently avalanches. When in doubt as to the conditions, avoid it.

Getting to West Bowl

West Bowl from the Bay City Tunnel
Trailhead Bay City Tunnel
Ascent Vertical 1,400'
Skinning Distance 0.8 miles
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Although West Bowl is in Big Cottonwood Canyon, it is much easier to access from Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Follow the ascent to the top of Binx's Ridge from the Bay City Tunnel. This will place you near the top of West Bowl.

About the name

Powderbirds calls this Main Silver

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