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East Bowl (Silver Fork)
East Bowl
Drainage Silver Fork
Terrain Open Trees
Peak Elevation 10,400'
Flats Elevation 9,500'
Skiing Vertical 900'
Location 40.6025° / -111.6172°
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Davenport Hill sits at the top of the Silver Fork drainage and divides Silver Fork into the East Bowl and West Bowl.

The East Bowl offers great intermediate skiing in open terrain. The approach from Little Cottonwood Canyon is easy enough that you can do a lap (or several) in East Bowl and have a good home run back to your car.

Most of East Bowl is in the low 30° range, but the upper portion is significantly steeper (and rockier).

Getting to East Bowl

Follow the instructions to East Bowl Pass. From the pass, traverse right (east) along the ridgeline and into East Bowl.

About the Name

Don't confuse East Pass Bowl in White Pine Fork with the East Bowl in Silver Fork.

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