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Neil's Bullshit Bowl
Neil's Bullshit Bowl
Drainage Willow Fork
Terrain Glades
Upper Elevation 9,900'
Hourglass Elevation 9,500'
Typical Vertical 400'
Location 40.6334° / -111.5776°
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Neil's Bullshit Bowl is the observer's right bowl when looking up Willow Fork.

Neil's is open, northwest-facing, and low-angle. When the trees get denser near the lower-portion of the run, you'll probably want to hang a hard-right and traverse toward Main Willow. (See an overview of Willow Fork.)

Getting to Neil's Bullshit Bowl

Neil's Bullshit Bowl from Solitude #1
Trailhead Solitude Entry #1
Ascent Elevation 1,900'
Skinning Distance 1.9 miles

Follow the directions to Willow Knob from Solitude and then continue up the ridge toward the Park City ridgeline. You can go all the way to the ridgeline and then ski back into Neil's, or you can traverse into Neil's before you reach the Park City ridgeline.