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Little Willow (Willow Fork)
Little Willow (Willow Fork)
Drainage Willow Fork
Terrain Trees and Glades
Ridge Elevation 9,300'
Bottom Elevation 8,900'
Typical Vertical 400'
Location 40.6324° / -111.5877°
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Little Willow refers to several short, low-angle runs through trees and glades in Willow Fork.

Getting to Little Willow

Follow the directions toward Willow Knob from Solitude. When you are ascending the East Willow Ridgeline and are within several hundred feet of Willow Knob, you'll notice a couple of openings in the trees on your left. These periodic openings continue to the base of Willow Knob and are collectively called Little Willow.

After skiing Little Willow for about 600 vertical feet, you'll cross a skin track where you should make an abrupt left-hand turn. This track takes you through the pine trees and returns you to the base of the East Willow Ridgeline.

You might choose to ski several laps on Little Willow when the avalanche hazard is higher or take a run in Little Willow on your way to Will's Hill or Main Willow.

About the Name

Don't confuse this run named Little Willow which is in Willow Fork with Little Willow Creek which is near 11500 S Wasatch Blvd.