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Tom's Hill
Tom's Hill (run)
Drainage Mill D North Fork
Terrain Open Glade
Upper Elevation 9,040'
Lower Elevation 8,550'
Typical Vertical 500'
Location 40.6618° / -111.6352°
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Tom's Hill (probably named after avalanche forecasting legend Tom Kimbrough) is a small hill in Mill D North Fork. The slope on the southeast side of Tom's Hill is named Weathering Heights.

Tom's Hill run is on the northeast side of Tom's Hill. It provides great skiing, albeit short, through an open glade nestled in fir trees. Its relative proximity to the road, gentle slope, and good snow make it a popular destination. It's easy to sneak in a run on Tom's Hill after skiing the East Face of Reynolds.

Getting to Tom's Hill

Tom's Hill from Spruces Trailhead
Summit Elevation 9,040'
Summit Location 40.6604° / -111.6363°
Trailhead Spruces Trailhead
Trailhead Elevation 7,350'
Vertical Ascent 1,900'
Skinning Distance 2.4 miles
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Follow the directions to Mill D North Fork from the Spruces trailhead. When the trail splits between Dog Lake and Lake Desolation, take the left-hand branch toward Dog Lake. Approximately five minutes after the split, and ~10 minutes before reaching Dog Lake, the main track makes a gentle right-hand turn. The normally-present and well-smashed trail departs from the main track on the left side of this turn, crosses a tiny gully, and heads up to the summit of Tom's Hill.

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