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Green Slope

Green Slope
Drainage Snake Creek
Terrain Open Slope
Ridge Elevation 10,200'
Gully Elevation 9,600'
Typical Vertical 600'
Location 40.5806° / -111.5816°
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Green Slope is a south-facing open slope that is easily accessed from the Brighton ski area. It is a sweet, moderate-angle slope worthy of laps.

The run ends when the slope becomes a gully, although you can certainly ride it further.

On your way back to Brighton, conditions and abilities warranting, you might consider skiing V Tree. The entrance to V Tree is near the top-left (northwest) corner of Green Slope (about 50 feet to the right of a little knob). If you are uncertain as to the avalanche conditions or your skill, don't be too proud to ski back down the ridge to Crest. It takes true courage to say, "Not today."

Getting to Green Slope

To get to Green Slope, exit through the Crest backcountry gate at the top of Brighton's Crest chairlift (the gate closes at 3 pm) and boot up Pioneer Ridge to the first peak (10321). There's rarely a need to skin up this short, 300 vertical foot climb, because the friendly Brighton boarders are quick to put in a booter.

When you reach 10321, don your skis (or board, I'm really not as ski-centric as I sound) and descend Pioneer Ridge toward Pioneer Peak. Green Slope is the big, treeless, open slope on the left (about 1,000 feet west of 10321). It takes about a half an hour to get to Green Slope from Crest.