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Summit Elevation 10,321
Summit Location 40.5825° / -111.5791°
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Peak 10321, named for its elevation, is the peak that is just west of the top of Brighton's Crest chairlift. It is a short hike from the top of Crest.

Getting to 10321

Ride (or skin) to the top of Brighton's Crest chairlift, exit through the backcountry gate, and boot up Pioneer Ridge to the first peak. There's rarely a need to skin up this short, 300 vertical foot climb, because the friendly Brighton boarders are quick to put in a booter.

Brighton has an "open gate" policy and does not close their backcountry access gates based on avalanche conditions—kudos to Brighton. They do, however, close the backcountry gates at 3 pm (an hour before the lifts close) to reduce the likelihood of a backcountry rescue when the ski patrol is busy shutting down the resort. They also close the gates when the ski patrol is involved in a backcountry rescue.