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Scott's Bowl
Scott's Bowl
Terrain Steep Face
Location 40.6240° / -111.5658°
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Scott's Bowl is the run on the northeast side of Scott Hill. It is steep and often wind scoured, but in the right conditions it is excellent. You can enter Scott's Bowl mid-slope from the western edge of Pinecone Ridge or you can ski it from the summit of Scott Hill. When coming in from a little north of the summit (Scott Hill Chute) it is a sustained 40° open-chute. From the summit it is steeper, usually corniced, and above small cliffs. When coming in mid-slope it is 34° to 40°.

Scott's Bowl
Scott Hill Chute
Scott's Bowl Viewed From the East

Getting to Scott's Bowl

Follow the directions to Pinecone Ridge if you want to come into Scott's Bowl from the side or follow the directions to Scott Hill if you want to ski it from the summit.

About the Name

The name Scott's Bowl applies to the open slopes on the northeast side of Scott Hill. When you get further east (i.e., to the trees along Pinecone Ridge) the name becomes Fat City Condos.

To create a little confusion, the Park City ski area has a run named Scott's Bowl which is over the hill from nearby Scott's Backdoor. And to make sure history isn't rewritten, forty years ago what we now call Scott's Bowl was called Scott's Bluff by backcountry skiers.

Grammaticians who are concerned that Scott's Backdoor and Scott's Bowl have apostrophes whereas Scotts Pass is missing an apostrophe can relax. The USGS doesn't use apostrophes on names, so I don't when publishing names that appear on USGS maps. However, I do use apostrophes for possessive names that were created by backcountry users. Thus, I'm consistently inconsistent.