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No No Name Bowl
No No Name Bowl
Terrain Steep Face
Location 40.6318° / -111.5632°
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Located two bowls north of Scott Hill, No No Name doesn't see much traffic. The 42° I measured was on the skier's-right side of the bowl. As you can see in the photo, there's a small cliff band on the skier's-left side. (If you zoom in on the photo you'll see my tentative ski tracks during a wet avalanche cycle.)

If you ski No No Name Bowl and you can get a picture of the Monitors (which are west of No No Name) with minimal trees obstructing the view, please send it to me. Thank you!

No No Name Bowl Viewed From the East
Looking Across No No Name Bowl.
(Lame photo. Please send me a better one.)

Getting to No No Name Bowl

As with Radar Love, you can get to No No Name Bowl from USA Bowl, the South Monitor, or Scott Hill.