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Michigan City
Michigan City
Drainage Grizzly Gulch
Trailhead Grizzly Gulch Trailhead
Terrain Open Glades
Ascent Vertical 1,700'
Skinning Distance 1.5 miles
Location 40.5968° / -111.6166°
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Michigan City is the area on the north side of Grizzly Gulch, between Davenport Hill and Black Bess.

Depending on the line you choose, the runs in Michigan City range from the low 20-degrees to the low 30-degrees.

Getting to Michigan City

You can either follow the directions to Twin Lakes Pass from the Grizzly Gulch trailhead and then ascend the ridge to the top of the Honeycomb Cliffs, or follow those same directions but head up one of the subridges from the "Michigan City flats."

About the Name

Although the Alta snowcat skiers have names for all of the runs on the north side of Grizzly Gulch, the name Michigan City is usually applied to all of the runs on the north side of Grizzly that are west of Black Bess (i.e., from the "Grizzly Cup Area" through the "Freeland Area").

The name comes from the Michigan-Utah mine which was active from 1901 through 1919. The mine's entrance was on the lower portion of this slope (a little above the flats). It primarily produced silver and lead. See the discussion of the Alta Ski Resort for more information on the history of mining in upper Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Originally, backcountry skiers used the name Michigan City only to refer to the flat area in Grizzly Gulch. The name is now commonly used to refer to all of the terrain on the north side of Grizzly Gulch that is above the flat area.