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Black Bess (Grizzly)
Black Bess
Drainage Grizzly Gulch
Trailhead Grizzly Gulch Trailhead
Terrain Open Glades
Ascent Vertical 1,600'
Skinning Distance 1.7 miles
Location 40.5964° / -111.6122°
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Black Bess is one of the main runs on the north side of Grizzly Gulch. It starts at the top of the Honeycomb Cliffs and descends into Grizzly Gulch. (See all of the named runs on the north side of Grizzly Gulch.)

Depending on the line you choose, Black Bess ranges from the low 20-degrees to the low 30-degrees.

Getting to Black Bess

Follow the directions to Twin Lakes Pass from the Grizzly Gulch trailhead. When you reach the pass, turn left (north) and ascend the ridge, staying in the trees, until you reach the top of the Honeycomb Cliffs.

About the Name

Although the Alta snowcat skiers have named every skiable line on the north side of Grizzly Gulch, most backcountry skiers simply refer to everything that is looker's-right of Black Bess as "Black Bess" and everything that is looker's-left of Black Bess as "Michigan City." Given the finite amount of terrain, that's a reasonable naming strategy.

Black Bess is named after a mine that is in Honeycomb Canyon. Don't confuse the Black Bess in Grizzly Gulch with the Black Bess run in the Honeycomb Cliffs (just above Solitude's Summit chairlift).