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Lake Blanche
Lake Blanche
Lake Elevation 8,900'
Lake Location 40.6058° / -111.6929°
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Lake Blanche, Lake Lillian, and Lake Florence are in the upper portion of the Mill B South Fork.

Going to Lake Blanche is an extremely scenic tour with beginner to intermediate skiing, although it is exposed to steep avalanche terrain. From the lakes you will have a great view of The Sundial, Mount Superior, and Monte Cristo.

Upper Mill B South Fork

The skiing on the slope below the lakes is good intermediate terrain. However, below there Mill B South Fork can feel pinball-like and you may need to snowplow through the snug trees.

Getting to Lake Blanche

Lake Blanche from Mill B South
Trailhead Mill B South Trailhead
Ascent Vertical 2,700'
Skinning Distance 3.0 miles

Park at the Mill B South trailhead. The trail begins on the far (southeast) corner of the parking lot as a paved (and hopefully snow-covered) road that heads east. After a few minutes, and just before the road crosses a bridge, the Mill B South Fork trail departs to the right. The trail quickly crosses a small footbridge over the Mill B South Fork creek and switchbacks up the hill. The trail stays on the left (east) side of the creek as it heads up the Mill B drainage. Eeny, Meeny, Miny, and Moe are the main runs on the right (west) side of Mill B South (there is significant avalanche exposure all along this east-facing ridge). As it nears the three lakes, the skin track bears to your left (east) and comes out near Lake Blanche.

This route is popular with snowshoers—let's hope they are avy-savvy shoers.