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Mill B South Trailhead
Mill B South Trailhead
Trailhead Elevation 6,200'
Trailhead Location 40.6332° / -111.7235°
Road Mileage 4.2 miles
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The Mill B South trailhead is on the right side of the Big Cottonwood Canyon road, 4.2 miles up the canyon at the start of the S-Turn. The Mill B South trailhead provides access to Mill B South Fork and Broads Fork.

Mill B Parking Options

There are several, although limited, parking options. The Mill B South parking lot is on the right side of the road at the beginning of the S-Turn, but it is normally closed during the winter. You can also park in the small lot that is inside the S-Turn (if it is plowed). The best option is usually to park in a safe location on the side of the road.