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East Fork (Mineral)
East Fork (Mineral)
Drainage Mineral Fork
Terrain Glades
Location 40.6107° / -111.6702°
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The East Fork of Mineral Fork is skiable on its own, but it's a heck of a hike from the Mineral Fork trailhead—about 3,700 feet of elevation gain over almost 4 miles. You can also use the East Fork to cross from Cardiff Fork (just above Montreal Hill) into Mineral Fork.

Getting to East Fork

East Fork from Mineral Fork

Follow the directions to Mineral Fork from Big Cottonwood Canyon. After about an hour and a half the Mineral Fork road splits with the right (main) road heading toward Room of Doom and the left road heading toward the East Fork. Take the left fork of the road which switchbacks a couple of times and then heads up the East Fork.

East Fork from Cardiff Fork

Skin up Cardiff Fork to George's Bowl (above Montreal Hill) and cross the ridge into East Fork. That's a fun way to stitch-together Cardiff and Mineral Fork.

About the name

Some people call this East Mineral, although the consensus is the name is simply East Fork.