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Upper Days
Upper Days
Drainage Days Fork
Terrain Open Bowl and Glades
Skiing Vertical 800'
Location 40.6024° / -111.6434°
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Upper Days is in upper Days Fork between Flagstaff Mountain and Peak 10561. It's easy to get to Upper Days from Alta and hence a very popular place on powder days.

Getting to Upper Days

Upper Days from Central Alta Trailhead
Trailhead Central Alta Trailhead
Ascent Vertical 1,900'
Skinning Distance 1.2 miles
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Follow the route to False Flagstaff from the Central Alta trailhead. From there, head toward Peak 10561 and drop in wherever you please.

About the name

Upper Days is frequently and incorrectly called Main Days because it seems like the "main" run. The name Upper Days is often used to refer to the entire bowl below Flagstaff Mountain, but old timers consider Upper Days to be the terrain between Flagstaff Mountain and Peak 10561, and refer to all of the terrain that is between Flagstaff Mountain and False Flagstaff as Two Dogs.

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