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Two Dogs
Two Dogs
Drainage Days Fork
Terrain Open Slopes
Location 40.6000° / -111.6422°
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Two Dogs is a run in Days Fork near the False Flagstaff summit.

Two Dogs (viewed from the north)
Two Dogs (viewed from the northeast)

Getting to Two Dogs

Two Dogs from Central Alta
Trailhead Central Alta Trailhead
Total Vertical 1,700'
Skinning Distance 0.8 miles
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Follow the route to False Flagstaff from the Central Alta trailhead. From there, head west along the ridge about 500 feet and ski into Days Fork.

About the name

Two Dogs is so named because two dogs, Maya and Smoke, died here in an avalanche in the 1980s. I was told, by someone who was there that day, that a skier went off the traverse and triggered an avalanche. One person took a big ride and an other person grabbed a tree (it isn't clear to me whether one of these two people is the person who triggered the avalanche). Neither of the people were injured, but the two (non-avalanche) dogs were killed.

Most people consider Two Dogs to be the run that is shown on the above photos which starts near a prominent rock on the ridgeline (where the accident occurred). Others consider it to be the entire northeast-facing slope between False Flagstaff and Flagstaff Mountain.

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