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Bury yellow snow.

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Mount Wolverine
Mount Wolverine
Summit Elevation 10,795'
Summit Location 40.5854° / -111.6034°
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A peak with something for everyone, the eastern side of Mount Wolverine offers the intermediate Wolverine Bowl whereas the north-facing Wolverine Cirque proffers death-defying chutes.

Mt. Wolverine from the Northeast
The Intermediate Wolverine Bowl
Eastern Wolverine Cirque
Western Wolverine Cirque


As mentioned in this sign, Alta does perform some avalanche control work on Mount Wolverine. I think this is mostly done on the side facing the ski resort.

Getting to Mount Wolverine

Getting to Mount Wolverine from Milly

Mount Wolverine from Milly
Trailhead Milly chairlift
Ascending Vertical 1,200'
Approach Distance 0.9 miles
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Take the same route as you would to go to Wolverine Bowl from Milly, i.e., ride Brighton's Milly chairlift, exit the Milly backcountry gate, boot up the ridge to the summit of Mount Millicent, and ski down the ridge toward Wolverine Bowl. When you reach the low point on the ridge, put on your skins and continue up the looker's right-side of Wolverine Bowl to the summit of Mount Wolverine.

Getting to Mount Wolverine from Grizzly

Mount Wolverine from Grizzly Gulch
Trailhead Grizzly Trailhead
Ascending Vertical 2,300'
Approach Distance 2.0 miles
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Follow the instructions to the top of Patsey Marley from the Grizzly Gulch trailhead. From Patsey, follow the ridgeline along the Wolverine Cirque to the summit of Mount Wolverine.

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