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Milly Backcountry Gate
Milly Backcountry Gate
Gate Elevation 9,850'
Gate Location 40.5938° / -111.5973°
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The Milly backcountry gate is located at the top of Brighton's Milly chairlift. It provides access to Mt. Millicent, Wolverine Bowl, the chutes into Wolverine Cirque, and more.

Getting to the Milly Backcountry Gate

Ride to the top of the Milly chairlift (or skin there pre- or post-season). The backcountry gate will be about 50 feet in front of you as you get off the lift. There is an "Are You Beeping" transceiver test station at the gate (which is provided by the Utah Avalanche Center).

Brighton has an "open gate" policy and does not close their backcountry access gates based on avalanche conditions—kudos to Brighton. They do, however, close the backcountry gates at 3 pm (an hour before the lifts close) to reduce the likelihood of a backcountry rescue when the ski patrol is busy shutting down the resort. They also close the gates when the ski patrol is involved in a backcountry rescue. The exception to Brighton's "open gate" policy is they also close the Milly Backcountry Gate when the avalanche danger is so high that someone going out the gate might trigger an avalanche that would affect in-area skiers (i.e., people in Milly Bowl).