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Mount Millicent
Mount Millicent
Summit Elevation 10,452'
Summit Location 40.5905° / -111.5975°
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Mount Millicent is the peak above Millicent Bowl at the Brighton ski area. It is usually accessed by hitching a ride on the Milly chairlift and then booting up the Millicent Shoulder.

When avalanche conditions warrant, the Brighton ski patrol closes the hike up the Shoulder so an avalanche won't endanger their guests. Sometimes the patrol will open the hike with instructions to not ski into the Milly Bowl—if you ignore those instructions, you'll end up talking to a judge.

(See a macro view of Mount Millicent from the Twin Lakes area.)

Getting to Mount Millicent

Mount Millicent from Brighton
Trailhead Brighton Parking Lot
Trailhead Elevation 8,730'
Summit Elevation 10,452'
Total Vertical 1,700'
Skinning Distance 1.2 miles
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The purist's approach is to start in the Brighton parking lot, skin to the top of Milly (adhering to Brighton's uphill policy), exit the Milly backcountry gate, and boot the Millicent Shoulder. That's 1,700 vertical feet over 1.2 miles.

The easy way to get to Mount Millicent is to ride Brighton's Milly chairlift, exit the Milly backcountry gate, and boot up the Millicent Shoulder to the summit. That hike is 600 vertical feet over 0.3 miles.

The Millicent Shoulder is steep and should be booted rather than skinned. The booting is much more difficult when the snowpack is thin, because you'll be ascending rock rather than snow, or soft, because you'll be post-holing. Depending on conditions, it will take 10 to 30+ minutes to ascend from the Milly backcountry gate to the summit.