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Wolverine Bowl
Wolverine Bowl
Terrain Open Bowl
Location 40.5859° / -111.6021°
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Wolverine Bowl is an intermediate-level run in a sea of expert terrain. Don't confuse Wolverine Bowl with the extreme terrain in Wolverine Cirque—there's a big difference.

Although Wolverine Bowl is intermediate, the terrain to exit the Bowl is steeper and can be a little tricky. After skiing the Bowl, bear slightly skier's right to continue down the intermediate Tuscarora Bowl. As mentioned in the description of Tuscarora Bowl, you'll need to pay attention when you exit that bowl if you want to avoid the Upper Mary Lake Chutes.

If you exit Tuscarora Bowl high and skier's right, you can ski the apron below The Seagull. That will deposit you on Lake Martha.

It can be a bit of a slog across Lake Martha or Lake Mary. You can bear skier's left to minimize the slog, although this will put you on slightly steeper terrain.

Mt. Tuscarora, Mt. Wolverine, and Mt. Millicent above Lake Mary
Sweet Tracks in Wolverine Bowl

Getting to Wolverine Bowl

Mount Wolverine from Milly
Trailhead Milly chairlift
Ascending Vertical 1,200'
Approach Distance 0.9 miles
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To get to Wolverine Bowl from Brighton, ride Brighton's Milly chairlift, exit the Milly backcountry gate, boot up the ridge to the summit of Mount Millicent, and ski down the ridge toward Wolverine Bowl. When you reach the low point on the ridge (just above Tuna Chute), put on your skins and continue up the looker's right-side of the bowl to the summit as shown in the following photo.

Ascending Wolverine Bowl from Mount Millicent