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Rocky Point
Rocky Point
Summit Elevation 10,490'
Summit Location 40.5780° / -111.5780°
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Rocky Point is a small, scruffy knob located on the Alta periphery just above Lake Catherine. Rocky Point is approximately 300 feet south of, and 300 feet higher than, Catherine Pass.

North Side of Rocky Point
Drainage Lake Catherine
Terrain Open Slope
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The northeast side of Rocky Point provides intermediate skiing into the Lake Catherine area. It's much less intimidating that the steeper chutes off Sunset Peak. It has an easy skin (and often a boot trail) back to Catherine Pass and Alta. Although the run on the north-side of Rocky Point is approximately 38°, there are plenty of lower-angle options.

If you ski back in-area from Rocky Point, you'll be on Alta's Last Chance ski run.

Getting to Rocky Point

Follow the directions to Catherine Pass from the Grizzly Gulch trailhead. From Catherine Pass head up the ridge to Rocky Point. (You can actually begin heading toward Rocky Point before you reach the Pass for a more direct approach to Rocky Point.)