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Lake Mary
Lake Mary
Lake Elevation 9,550'
Lake Location 40.5881° / -111.5902°
Trailhead Wren Hollow
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There are five notable lakes between Brighton and Solitude. They are located in three drainages: Dog Lake, Lake Catherine (which contains Lake Mary, Lake Martha, and Lake Catherine), and the Twin Lakes drainage. (See an overview of these lakes.)

Mt. Tuscarora, Mt. Wolverine, and Mt. Millicent above Lake Mary

Getting to Lake Mary

You can reach Lake Mary from Brighton by going toward the Dog Lake Chutes and continuing west over the ridge.

About the name

In the 1870s, Catherine Brighton named Lake Catherine after herself, Lake Mary after her infant daughter, and Lake Martha after a friend. There was a fourth lake, Lake Phoebe, but it merged with Lake Mary when it was dammed in 1915. On older maps these lakes were referred to as the Granite Lakes.