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Dog Lake Chutes
Dog Lake Chutes
Drainage Dog Lake
Terrain Wide Chutes
Location 40.5850° / -111.5877°
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The Dog Lake Chutes are west of Dog Lake (see photo). You can easily see the "chutes" just after passing tower #9 when riding Brighton's Crest chairlift.

The "Dog Lake Chutes" refers to three east-facing runs off of the ridge that separates Dog Lake from Lake Mary. The first two chutes are quite open. The third and narrower chute is further up the ridge just before the ridgeline gets cliffy.

The chutes range between 35° and 40°. There aren't rocks or cliffs below the chutes which makes them a good place to practice steeper skiing.

Getting to the Dog Lake Chutes

Dog Lake Chutes from Wren Hollow
Trailhead Wren Hollow
Ascent Vertical 600'
Skiing Vertical 400'
Skinning Distance 0.5 miles
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Follow the directions to the Wren Hollow backcountry gate (there isn't really a gate, but you will be leaving the ski area), head west toward the ridge that separates the Dog Lake drainage from the Lake Catherine (et al.) drainage. Skin up the ridge and enter any of the slopes on your left.

It takes about 30 minutes to get to the Dog Lake Chutes from Wren Hollow backcountry gate and about an hour to get to them from the Brighton parking lot.