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Wren Hollow Backcountry Gate
Wren Hollow Backcountry Gate
Gate Elevation 9,400'
Gate Location 40.5885° / -111.5835°
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The Wren Hollow backcountry gate is located midway down Brighton's Wren Hollow run. It provides access to Dog Lake, the Dog Lake Chutes, False Pioneer Peak, Pioneer Peak, the Pioneer Main Chute, Catherine Pass, and more. It is also the return point for runs off of the Pioneer Ridge (which are usually accessed from the Crest backcountry gate).

The words backcountry gate are a little misleading, because there isn't a physical gate here. However, there are boundary signs that let you know you are leaving the Brighton Ski Resort. Unlike the other backcountry gates at Brighton, the Wren Hollow "gate" is not closed at 3 pm or during backcountry rescues.

Getting to the Wren Hollow Backcountry Gate

You can get to the Wren Hollow backcountry gate by riding Brighton's Crest chairlift or by skinning up from the Brighton parking lot.

From the top of Brighton's Crest chairlift, ski down while continuously bearing left. The "gate" is about halfway down the Wren Hollow run just before the run turns right. The "gate" is on your left.

To reach the Wren Hollow backcountry gate without Brighton's assistance, park at the far end of the Brighton parking lot near the Brighton Lodge and skin up the narrow ski run named Lost Maid for about 20 minutes. (To adhere to Brighton's uphill policy, stay in the trees to the right of the Lost Maid run.) Just before the run takes a hard left turn (at Mary Back), turn right and head up the steep (and usually moguled) Lower Wren Hollow run. The Wren Hollow backcountry gate is the flat area at the top of Lower Wren Hollow. (If you turn right too soon, you'll end up in the Mary Chutes area.)