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The Other (Other) Runs
The Other Runs
Drainage Caribou Basin
Terrain Open Slope
Ridge Elevation 9,900'
Lower Elevation 9,600'
Typical Vertical 300'
Location 40.5815° / -111.5575°
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The Other Runs, and The Other Other Runs, descend from Rochester Ridge into Caribou Basin. It's clear from the vegetation (see the photo, below) that both of the "Other" runs are the result of avalanches. The upper portion of these runs are frequently corniced and windloaded.

There are usually snowmobile tracks in The Other Runs, but the sledders tend to make one or two tracks and leave plenty of snow for skiers.

When you're done, skin back up Rochester Ridge to the Brighton ski area. The vegetation (primarily aspen trees) on the upper portion of Rochester Ridge requires frequent switchbacks which can be a little challenging for people who are less experienced with skins. Otherwise, the Rochester Ridge area is great for novices.

The Other and Other Other Runs
Skiing The Other Runs

Getting to The Other (Other) Runs

Follow the directions to Rochester Ridge (probably via a "bump" on Brighton's Great Western chairlift). Descend Rochester Ridge, possibly putting in a run on the unnamed (and steeper) runs on your left (they average about 40°), more likely putting in a lap on Nondairy Creamer (on the skier's-right side of Rochester Ridge), and then ski The Other Runs (on the left side of the ridge). You'll know you are at the top of The Other Runs because there is a small knoll on the ridge with a clump of trees.

When you are descending Rochester Ridge, The Other Other Runs are the clearing after The Other Runs. The entrance is steeper and the run is shorter.