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Pink Pine (run)
Pink Pine (run)
Drainage White Pine Fork
Terrain Glades, Tight Trees
Ascent Vertical 1,200'
Ascent Distance 2.0 miles
Skiing Vertical 700'
Location 40.5632° / -111.6921°
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The Pink Pine run is on the east side of the Pink Pine Ridge in White Pine Fork. With great skiing and easy access from the road, it's no wonder it gets skied out quickly.

Getting to the Pink Pine Run

Follow the directions to the Pink Pine Ridge from the White Pine trailhead.

The entrance to the Pink Pine run starts at a clearing after skinning up the ridge for approximately 30 minutes, but you can drop in sooner into tighter aspens or a later into open pines.

About the Name

This entire slope (i.e., east of Pine Ridge and north of Rainbow Peak) is usually referred to as Pink Pine. I won't insult your intelligence by explaining why the slope between White Pine and Red Pine is called Pink Pine.