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Lake Chute
Lake Chute
Drainage White Pine Fork
Terrain Wide Chute
Ascent Vertical 3,000'
Skiing Vertical 800'
Skinning Distance 3.5 miles
Location 40.5415° / -111.6834°
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Lake Chute is the chute on the east side of Lake Peak in White Pine Fork. It is a long 800 feet from top to bottom.

The top half of the chute averages about 36°, but the entrance can be steeper depending on the snowpack. Getting there is usually more challenging than skiing it.

Lake Chute (photo 1)
Lake Chute (photo 2)

Getting to Lake Chute

Follow the directions to the summit of Lake Peak from the White Pine trailhead. That page describes several options.

The entrance to the chute is a little south of the summit.