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Blue Bunny
Blue Bunny
Drainage Willow Fork
Terrain Glades and Aspens
Typical Vertical 600'
Location 40.6293° / -111.5916°
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As you're ascending the East Willow Ridgeline toward Willow Knob, the gentle slopes of Blue Bunny are on your right. (The open slope that parallels the skin track up East Willow Ridgeline is a crazy-safe 20°. This might be a good choice when introducing a tentative friend to backcountry skiing)

If you head slightly left while descending Blue Bunny, the aspen trees get rather tight. (See an overview of Willow Fork.)

Getting to Blue Bunny

Follow the directions to Willow Knob from Solitude. When you reach Willow Knob, or sometime before, ski back down staying to the left of your up-track.