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Drainage Caribou Basin
Terrain Rocky Slope
Ridge Elevation 10,500'
Flats Elevation 10,000'
Typical Vertical 500'
Location 40.5933° / -111.5600°
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Lackawaxen is on the southeast side of Clayton Peak. It is easy to access from Brighton's Great Western chairlift.

Getting to Lackawaxen

Lackawaxen is almost always accessed from Brighton's Great Western chairlift. Turn left after getting off the chairlift and go through the backcountry gate. Traverse about 100 feet and then boot up 99 Steps to the ridge (okay, it's closer to 130 steps). Ski Lackawaxen while being careful to avoid the protruding rocks.

There is frequently a boot-pack from the bottom of the run back up to the Hidden Canyon Saddle—the ascent is only about 200 vertical feet. This booter is often enhanced by snowmobiles tracks. From the saddle you can return to Brighton via Hidden Canyon (or head up toward 10420).

About the Name

The Lackawaxen run is named after the nearby Lackawaxen Lake. It is not named "Lack of Waxing" as some may think.